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About the Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Located in Chicago, Illinois, the Department of Food Science and Nutrition is part of IIT’s School of Applied Technology, and operates in conjunction with the Institute for Food Safety and Health (IFSH). Founded over 20 years ago, IFSH is a unique consortium among IIT, FDA and the food industry, and home to FDA CFSAN Division of Food Processing Science and Technology. This highly successful collaborative research model has provided an environment where scientists from industry, academia, and government pool their scientific expertise and institutional perspectives to ensure the production of safe, wholesome foods.

Originally established in 1999, the IFSH Academic Program has grown to 170 students in 2014.  As a result of this tremendous growth, the program was awarded department-level status under IIT’s School of Applied Technology that same year. This ensures that the program can fully avail itself of all IIT’s academic resources, and also continue to capitalize on the strengths of IFSH’s collaborative research with the FDA and member companies.

The newly formed Department of Food Science and Nutrition has been designed to provide full-time students and working professionals with skills they need to succeed in food science and management positions in both the private and public sector. Students may attend classes part-time or full-time, selecting thesis or non-thesis options. Students may attend classes online, or on campus during the evening and on weekends. The Department of Food Science and Nutrition also offers a seminar series open to students, members, and industry professionals.

For more information, contact
Renee McBrien
Manager, Education and Outreach