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Carol Davids

Director, Real-Time Communications Lab of Illinois Institute of Technology
Adjunct Industry Professor, Information Technology and Management

Mies (Main) Campus Office: 

IIT Research Tower, Room 9E 3-1

Mies (Main) Campus Phone: 


Rice Campus Office: 

Rice, Room 223

Rice Campus Phone: 



Area(s) of Advisement 

Voice & Data Communication Technology


M.I.T.M Illinois Institute of Technology
B.S.E.E. Columbia University


Real-Time Communications, including SIP-based, and WebRTC-based architectures and applications; voice and data networks; voice and video communications


SIP Performance Benchmarks: Methodology, Terminology for finding the "performance knee" of a SIP Proxy instance. Draft at IETF BMWG. Test tool conformant with the drafts.

NG9-1-1: NENA Industry Collaboration Events: Collaboration with the National Emergency Numbers Association to support interoperability of functional elements of the NG9-1-1 architecture. Maintainance and growth of three Emergency Services IP backbone networks on the two IIT campuses.

Network Transport and Performance Testbed: STUN and TURN servers as well as SIP servers and WebRTC-enabled Web Servers are deployed in various configurations of this test bed whose nine domains and sub-domains can be used to test the behavior of Web-RTC-based and SIP-based applications as they traverse the domains with the help of the STUN and TURN services.

Voice over IIT: This on-going lab project is a working SIP-based IP-Telephony system using Kamailio ad Asterisk servers and connected to the PSTN by a SIP Trunk.


University Teaching Award


“Method for Securing Streaming Multimedia Network Transmissions”, US Patent Application No. 11-641375 filed December 18, 2006


“Benchmarking the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)”, Conference Paper, IEEE CQR, May 12, 2015, paper accepted, publication pending presentation

“SIP APIs for Voice and Video Communications on the Web”, Conference Paper, August, 2011, IPTComm 2011, ACM

“SIP APIs for Voice and Video Communications on the Web”, Conference Paper, August 2011, IPTComm 2011, ACM

“SIP CLF: A Common Log Format (CLF) for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)”, Conference Paper, October 2010, SAML ’10:

“The IIT VoIP Research Lab projects and their relationship to VoIP standards development “ Proc. 6th International Conference on Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology (SIIT 2009). The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, September 2009.

" A Study of An Open Source IP Multimedia Subsystem Test Bed" ICST QShine, Conference Paper, May 2008

Davids,C., Moreno Valdecantos, J.,Dworak, B.,Tovar, C., Ramaswamy Nandakumar, B., Patil, M. "Dispatchable Indoor Location for Mobile Phones Calling for Emergency Services," In Proceedings of the 8th ACM International Conference on Principles, Systems and Applications of IP Telecommunications (IPTComm 2015), pp. 22-27, Chicago, Illinois, Oct., 2015